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key benefits - potato baker key benefits - potato baker
key benefits - potato baker key benefits - potato baker key benefits - potato baker
Different oven sizes
Your oven fits your business

Counter top and back bar
Easy to work with in any environment

Different styles and colour finishes
Creates a great impression while matching your decor

Server units and merchandisers
All your display needs from one manufacturer
key benefits - potato baker key benefits - potato baker


Welcome to King Edward

Baked potatoes are one of Natures finest achievements. They are a  low cost high margin food item that takes no skill to cook, requires no special handling for storage, and comes with its own edible and nutritious wrapping. The only problem is keeping a potato fresh and hot until served.  Potatoes do not hold well after cooking. If kept too hot, they dry out and the skin becomes tough and unpalatable. A few degrees less temperature and they become hard and lose taste. Now the King Edward Counter Top potato Baker takes on the challenge of serving piping hot, freshly baked potatoes to a willing public. In less than 24 inches of counter space, the King Edward Potato Baker will cook the potatoes in about an hour, and the top holding cabinet keeps the spud hot and tasty until served. Because you have a dedicated oven for your baked potatoes, you no longer have to cook large amounts ahead of time and attempt to keep them fresh for hours. With the King Edward Potato Baker, you can serve delicious baked potatoes from sandwich bars, convenience stores, student unions, and just about any other location where people gather.

Potato BakerAnd baked potatoes are popular, by themselves, with a little salt and pepper, or with any variety of toppings that you can imagine. Served with butter and sour cream, you have a staple of American life. Serve with the customer’s choice of ham, ground beef, shredded chicken, and cheese, mushrooms, carrots, and tomatoes, along with chili, pizza sauce, salsa, or BBQ sauce and now you have a complete potato bar.  Potatoes can be a quick snack or a complete meal depending on what the customer wants.

Where can you put a Potato Baker?

  • Convenience Stores
  • Student Unions
  • Sandwich & Deli Shops
  • Concessions Stands
  • Airport Kiosks

We invite you to come in and take a look around. We think you will like our Potato Baker, and especially like its potential to increase your profits.

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potato baker potato baker potato baker

New product - 120 volt oven now available for North American market
King Edward Catering Equipment has today announced the addition of a new potato baking oven to its range: a 120 volt version of the Classic 25 baker.

The new oven has been designed with the US and Canadian markets particularly in mind, and has been approved by both the NSF food hygiene standard and the ETL electrical safety mark for North America.

potato baker potato baker potato baker
Potato Baker